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i, my name is Lisa, and this is my website, my business, and my playground. Owning my own photography business affords me the creative freedom I never had when I was running other peoples’ studios. It also allows me to go on strange and wondrous adventures: fund raisers for local animal non-profits, cross country adventures to photograph commercial duct installation, trips to Mexico to photograph a beautiful wedding. Destination weddings especially combine my three favorite things: travel, weddings, and exciting new locations. I thrive on exploring new venues. I smile when I find a little area that doesn’t look like much but morphs into amazing-ness in pictures, as a St. Paul photographer I assure you that happens quite a lot. My job teaches me something new every day; I am constantly learning. I love it.

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Phone: 612.860.2193

Email: lmjoriginals@gmail.com